Washing and caring for your clothing can increase its lifespan

considerably, meaning your favourite pieces stay in your wardrobe for

longer. This is one of the simple ways you can contribute to a better

fashion industry.

Caring for your clothing in a Conscious way can include using less water and energy in the

laundering process as well making more informed decisions like choosing a 'green' dry cleaner.

These practices can help to reduce your impact on the environment and the climate.


Discover below how to best care for our most popular material types and remember to always 

consult the care label on your garments.

Invest in a Guppyfriend washing bag and help to end micro plastic pollution in our oceans.


Plenty of our favourite styles are made with synthetic fibres and unfortunately, they can shed

in the laundering process, creating micro plastic waste that ends up in our oceans. The

Guppyfriend is a 'green' solution to this problem and can help to lessen the impact we have on

marine animals and plant life.