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Most of our suppliers are located in China. With the balance manufactured in other countries such as Vietnam, Bangladesh & Turkey.
Full details below. Some items are also produced in Europe. See our world map diagram.

Ever New Supply Chain


We regularly visit our suppliers around the world to audit working conditions and processes, which monitor adherence to our Ethical Code
of Conduct. The code of conduct we follow is called the Ethical Trade Initiative Base Code.

For those suppliers who fully embrace our Code and Values, we commit to a continuous improvement approach over time, whereby we use
our commercial leverage to influence and support the changes necessary.

Ever New terminates relationships with suppliers who do not commit to our ethical values or demonstrate meaningful change when gaps
in adherence to our Code of Conduct are discovered.

Ethical Trade Initiative Base Code

In addition to the ETI base code, Ever New requires that:

- Bribery and corruption are not allowed

- Local Environmental Laws are obeyed and waste is minimised

Our Code's of Conduct can be found here and here.



We are proud to collaborate with this multi-stakeholder coalition to raise awareness of this very serious concern and press for its elimination. As a signatory to this pledge, we are stating our firm opposition to the use of child and adult forced labour in the harvest of Uzbek cotton. We commit to not knowingly source Uzbek cotton for the manufacturing of any of our products until the Government of Uzbekistan ends the practice of forced child and adult labour in its cotton sector. Until the elimination of this practice is independently verified by the International Labour Organization, we will maintain this pledge.

Details about the pledge can be found here.



We are committed to working collaboratively with our industry peers to identify solutions to any issues we discover and to forge lasting
change together. We are a signatory of the Accord on Fire and Building Safety in Bangladesh and support all of its work to effect improvements
and positive change for workers in Bangladesh. We are a signatory to the current 2018 Accord.

A full list of signatories and details of the Accord can be found on the Accord website. Read more here.



Ever New is committed to providing living wages for all workers within our supply chain.

The provision for living wages forms part of our Code of Conduct, agreed to by all suppliers.

Compliance with wages requirements is assessed as part of our factory audit and monitoring programs.

Currently, Ever New is collating wages data from audits and surveys of our suppliers. We will benchmark this information to established living wage methodologies and published data such as those provided by ANKER, The Asian Floor Wage Alliance, Good World Solutions and Fair Labor Association.

In 2018, Ever New will use the results of its benchmarking analysis to inform the next phase of its strategy on ensuring living wages for workers in its supply chain, in collaboration and consultation with industry peers and NGO's.



Ever New is committed to addressing any gender inequality in our supply chain.

Non-discrimination, including on the basis of gender, forms part of our overall Code of Conduct, agreed to by all suppliers.

Compliance with non-discrimination requirements are assessed as part of our factory audit and monitoring programs.

These audits identify gender profile across permanent, temporary and migrant workers and provide special assessment of home works [if applicable]. Wages information is also examined by gender, and evidence of equal rates for equal work is required.



Our suppliers are very important to Ever New and integral to our work towards increased supply chain transparency and ethical trade.

Ethical Trade Initiative Base Code

Ethical Trade Initiative Base Code



We regularly visit our suppliers around the world to audit working conditions and processes which monitor adherence to our Ethical Code of Conduct. This enables us to work collaboratively with our suppliers to understand, measure, report on, and help improve their organisation's social and environmental performance. Our goal is to drive continuous improvement within our supply chain and to help improve the lives of the workers that make our products.

Ever New employs dedicated in-house ethical compliance teams in our main manufacturing countries. Our ethical auditors are highly experienced and qualified to conduct audits against industry standards including BSCI, SA 8000, ICS and SMETA.

In addition to checks by our own auditing teams, many of our factories commission their own audits using a variety of third party compliance companies including Algi, Accordia, Bureaux Veritas, Elevate, Intertek, SGS, UL. Many of our factories are also Sedex members ( so that audits and CAPs are shared between multiple retailers. This multi-stakeholder approach allows for greater transparency of the factory’s objectives and progress, and cuts down on multiple retailers auditing the same factory site.



Ever New believes in achieving high ethical standards across our global supply chain. We have joined People for the Ethical Treatment of
Animals (PETA) in the ban of angora rabbit hair products, after it was identified in mid-December 2013 that angora rabbit hair cannot currently
be sourced ethically.

In December 2013, we ceased all future sourcing of any product containing angora fibre. We have also made a commitment to PETA
and our customers that we will not use angora in any future products, unless an ethical source is identified.



The leather used in our products has been ethically sourced from China and India and, depending on product and season, may be cow hide, pig or sheep leather.