Kim Appelt on how she’s spending Mother’s Day

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Celebrity stylist Kim Appelt on how she’s spending Mother’s Day

May 01, 2020

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Photographer: Robert Kenney
Aspen wears the Paris Polka Dot Mini Dress. Kim wears the Bailey Flippy Skater Dress

Ahead of Mother’s Day, celebrity stylist Kim Appelt and her daughter, Aspen, share the importance of celebrating mums and caregivers everywhere, and discuss why they’ll be dressing up for the occasion.

See the pair in some of their favourite new spring arrivals for Mother's Day, shot on location in British Columbia.

What does Mother’s Day mean to you?

I've been very fortunate to grow up in a family and have had a very close relationship with my mother (and father). On Mother's Day, I often reflect on what a gift it's been to not only have had an amazing mother but that I've also been given the opportunity to be a mother. A "mother" is not always defined in terms of a biological caregiver. It could be someone special in your life who raised you or was around during your childhood looking out for you. A neighbour, grandmother or even a friend's mother. My mom was that... a mother to all who didn't have that guidance in their lives.

How will you be spending this Mother’s Day?

This Mother's Day, I hope to spend the day with my family at home. I have a garden that I really want to plant, my dad built us a raised garden bed in my back yard. I would like to have a great brunch with my family and then spend the afternoon outside in the sunshine planting the vegetable garden! 

How has Mother’s Day changed over the years now that you have a teenage daughter and sons?

Mother's Day has changed significantly over the years as the kids have grown. When they were little (at one point we had three kids under the age of three), my Mother's Day gift was always my husband taking the kids out so I could have a few hours off to read, sleep in or even just have a shower in peace! Now as, our three kids are older, I really want to have everyone together doing something. I will say they have always brought me breakfast in bed! It's been a tradition - I have pictures of them doing that from every year! 

What is on your wish list this Mother’s Day?

My wish this Mother's Day is to have a sunny day outside and to enjoy family time doing an activity together. I would also like to fly to spend time with my mom who lives in a different city but that will have to wait until social distancing is lifted. 

What are your style tips for this Mother’s Day? 

I think Mother's Day is a great opportunity to get dressed up, and a chance to wear something beautifully soft and feminine. Even if it's just for a homemade brunch, it's nice to have on a floral dress and feel beautiful. My style tip is to try something new or look into your closet for something you've been waiting to wear. There is a quote I love and posted on my Instagram a while ago, and it's something my mother always told me - "Never save anything for a special occasion, being alive is the special occasion." Wear the dress you are saving, buy the one you have been watching online, you won't regret it. 


What are your favourite pieces from our Spring Collection?

I have so many but my very favourites are the two you see my daughter Aspen and I in (pictured left).

I always find a maxi dress classy for so many different occasions. I also love the Baily Flippy Skater Dress as a day dress for running around to meetings or doing errands, I see myself wearing the Becca Bardot Ruffle Maxi Dress on a future vacation to Hawaii and also at a few summer baby showers which will hopefully go ahead. I fell in love with the Paris Polka Dot Mini Dress on Aspen, it reminds me of some of my favourite designer pieces from the '90s! I also can see myself wearing the Samantha Belted Frill Jumpsuit on holidays in the south and out to dinner on a patio during summer.