At Ever New, we are committed to evolving our Diversity, Equity and

Inclusion (DEI) practices and cultivating an environment that values

diversity and enables individuals to thrive.

We recognise that each individual possesses a rich, diverse set of perspectives, cultural

experiences and values and we acknowledge the importance of harnessing this diversity to

promote an inclusive workforce.

We are a proud member of the Diversity Council of Australia.

1    We are an equal opportunity employer

      dedicated to constantly enhancing our

      inclusion practices and cultivating a

      diverse community and workplace. We

      strive to uphold the principles of equity

      in all aspects of our business and

      across our employment practices. This

      is demonstrated but not limited to our

      commitment to supporting cultural

      diversity, and recognising diversity

      amongst our talented workforce.


2    We continue to expand and elevate our

      Diversity and Inclusion practices to

      create broader reach across our local

      and global communities. Our DEI

      Committee comprises of staff

      representatives who actively contribute

      to driving our Diversity and Inclusion


3    We will continue to represent the

      diversity of our customers through our

      product and marketing.


4    We will provide more support to our

      global communities and charities via

      our Workplace Giving Program and



5    We encourage our customers and

      partners to provide ongoing feedback.

      Please reach out to us via our contact

      form if you should have any questions

      or ideas that you'd like to share.