Celebrating Mother's Day With Illustrator Heather Hawkins

4 May, 2018

Illustrator Heather Hawkins

In celebration of Mother’s Day, we sat down with Heather from Hawk Creative to talk all things motherhood and what the day means to her and her family.

Ever New: How are you celebrating Mother’s Day?

Heather Hawkins: My kids love to bring me presents and tea in bed to start the day. They get so excited, it’s adorable. Then we are going out for brunch and later will have a picnic in the park with some other families.

EN: What has been your most memorable Mother’s Day?

HH: Oh, they get better every year! Last year was wonderful; we had just moved into our new home, so it was my first Mother’s Day there. The kids bounded in super early and jumped up onto my bed with their presents, and then made me breakfast in bed. I love reading their cards and seeing their creations. Oh, and what they picked at the school Mother’s Day stall…. always a lucky dip and often hilarious. Their excited little faces make my heart burst.

EN: Tell us about your career? How did you get started?

HH: I initially studied and worked in Fashion Styling and production before moving into some Sales and Marketing roles. This led to a growing interest in Graphic Design, where I eventually studied intensively before starting my own business. I’ve always loved painting, but it wasn’t until I designed my best friend’s wedding invitation with some illustrated elements that I started focusing on this direction for my business.

EN: What did you want to be when you grew up?

HH: Ooh that’s a tricky one. I always wanted to do something creative but never landed on exactly what I wanted to do until later in life when I studied graphic design. I applied to Uni to study Architecture as well as for a Bachelor of Design – so still quite undecided when I finished school! I ended up choosing to study Styling and Design Coordination.

EN: What advice would you give to your younger self?


Be kind to yourself.

Be patient on your journey – there is no ‘destination’ that you will reach in life. Life is the journey, and it is ever changing. Be content with that and enjoy the ride.

Trust your gut – the only person who knows what’s best for you… is you.

Live in your truth and pursue the life you want instead of the life you’re told.

EN: What’s next on the horizon for Hawk Creative?

HH: There are some amazing projects coming up for Hawk Creative, which I can’t share with you just yet! But I can tell you that I will be illustrating my second children’s book this year, which I am super excited about.