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Ever New - CF Toronto Eaton Centre

Eaton Centre
Level 2 - 220 Yonge St
Tenancy B221C
Ontario, M5B 2H1

Phone: 1 (416) 598-0990

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Trading Hours

  • 10:00am - 6:00pm
  • 10:00am–9:30pm
  • 10:00am–9:30pm
  • 10:00am–9:30pm
  • 10:00am–9:30pm
  • 9:30am–9:30pm
  • 10:00am–7:00pm


Ever New is a fashion clothing and accessories brand founded in Melbourne, Australia. Our brand celebrates the feminine beauty of women, a signature style flowing through every creative element.

Collections are inspired by global trends in art, film, music and theatre as well as haute couture runway shows in Paris, London, Milan and New York.

Ever New creative teams work collaboratively to create unique harmonious collections, presented beautifully in elegant store environments for the shopping pleasure of our valued customers.

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